Tribal Fitness grew from a desire to merge the fitness industry with nature.  Outside of the sterile gym, there was an opportunity to move freely, have fun and involve the whole family or community. The vision of Tribal Fitness is to guide over 100 million to their true health through natural movement, food and living.  We will do this by going 'online' and enabling everyone from around the world to join the fun.  To be a part of Tribal Fitness is to join a community of positive, hardworking and supportive people.  

After 8 years of building an amazing community in the Middle East, Coach Craig packed up and went on 'walkabout'. You can still train virtually with him by contacting him here.

Our service is available to anyone around the world regardless of age, ability or gender.  You will however need the following gears:

  • Gymnastics rings or TRX
  • kettlebell
  • Tennis ball
  • Long bamboo stick or pole

Every session you do is dynamic and challenging. It does not matter what your initial level of fitness is as long as your mindset is strong.  The programming is done according to the seasons.  Behind the fun and spontaneity is a purposeful system that enables you to achieve your own potential.

At Tribal Fitness (TF) you are continually challenged through the colour-coded system of bands, each with their own unique physical and lifestyle challenges.  It is about so much more than training in a gym, many of the challenges are focused on topics such as:  regional and local food, social eating, living by the day light, conscious play time, daily walkabouts, limiting technology in your daily life, reducing the amount of time in a chair each day, and building a strong support system at home and at work. 

Tribal Fitness was founded by Craig in Bahrain in 2010 to meet his desire to guide humans back to natural movement, food and living.  His up-bringing has been nomadic with time spent in Africa, UK, New Zealand, Australia and the Middle East.  This has given him exposure to different cultures, biomes and tribes. He has used this experience to create the philosophies of Tribal Fitness. Craig has been in the fitness industry, as a professional athlete and coach for over fifteen years.  After successfully running TF in Bahrain, Craig moved on.  To fulfill his vision to help 1 million people, he transformed TF into a free online fitness service for people to use from around the world.

Craig has been requested to share his fitness philosophies at universities, organizations, embassies and businesses around the world. He is also an annual guest lecturer at California State University. Craig regularly appears in magazines, newspapers and radio and contributes several articles each month.

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