Our current term after-school program runs from January to April 2017, but feel free to join the term at any time, your fees will be pro-rated based on your join date.

In a modern world, it can be challenging for children to move, eat and live naturally.  Tired parents, fake food and a disconnection from nature are all contributing to a generation that is becoming increasingly weak, diseased and depressed.  Sport can provide some outlet but it can be highly specialized and outcome-based.  Using nature as our map, we guide children to their true health.

We base our children's program on ten foundation movements, including lifting, climbing and locomotion, and report directly back to you, the parent, on your child's current health and progress.  To build responsibility and have fun with the kids, we provide each participant with a TLifetsyle Tracker so they can record their own progress and strive to meet their goals, which our program is structured to help them achieve in a relaxed and fun environment. Just like with the grown-ups, all  our sessions are capped at 12 participants and aim to build positive habits of teamwork, healthy eating, healthy living and fun movement.

All our after school programs group children of similar age together to create a relaxed, fun and social atmosphere.  Check out our schedule below (after school programs are designated JNR and last one hour) for after school program times, and contact us or stop in with any questions you may have.  We hope you will let Tribal help your child begin a long and healthy life of natural movement, food and living.

Check out our Junior Session (The Jungle is located on Budaiya Highway) Schedule starting JANUARY 1ST TO APRIL 30TH - 2017

Pricing:  After School Program

The After School Programs at Tribal Fitness are timed off of the school calendar, with our junior health and fitness programs synchronized with school terms and holiday sessions.

Payments can be completed with cash, check or credit card in-person at our facility.  Online  payment options will be made available soon!

  • 1x Junior Group Session per week - 90 BD per 4-month term
  • 2x Junior Group Sessions per week - 160 BD per 4-month term

Late joiners to the Juniors Program will have their fees pro-rated accordingly, and it is never too late to start.

Let us help you build great health and habits in your child that will benefit them for a lifetime.