• The Jungle (map)
  • Budaiya Highway
  • Next to Harley Davidson / Party Mania
  • Bahrain

Thursday 2nd February 2017, 6pm-7.30pm

It's never been more challenging to achieve optimal health than in today's world.  Our young population are getting fatter, weaker and softer year on year.  We can all point the finger at technology or fast food but the reality is that we need to start taking responsibility for a future generation.  Give your child the best opportunity to be successful.

This 90 minute workshop will cover:

  • Programming for your child's fitness training for tomorrow's success.
  • Leading by example.  Why fat parents produce fat kids.
  • Creating a strong base for kids to grow upon.
  • Everything your kid should be doing now to promote optimal health.

Craig has been passionate about improving the health of his junior community for over 10 years.  He would like to share some systems he has put in place to help the kids he coaches and his own son, Tallis to thrive.  Things do not happen by chance.  Reason is the result of smart planning and consistency.  Enjoy a 90-minute session with Craig at The Jungle to understand how you can support your children effectively.

Tickets for this workshop are 20bd (2 parents can join us per ticket).  Prior payment can be made at the Summit or Jungle via card, cash or credit card.

Places are limited to 20.  

Contact Lucy on +973 3947 3710 or at jungle@tribalfitness.com

Note:  The workshop will be interactive and no chairs will be provided.  Sometimes you will be sitting on the floor and listening whilst at others you will be up and playing.  Leave your ego at the door and have some fun while you learn!