Tribal Fitness was created from Craig’s desire to guide humans back to natural movement, food and living.  His up-bringing has been nomadic with time lived in Africa, UK, New Zealand, Australia and the Middle East.  This has given him exposure to different cultures, biomes and tribes. He has used this experience to create the philosophies of Tribal Fitness. Craig has been in the fitness industry, as a professional athlete and coach for over fifteen years.

He has been requested to share his fitness philosophies at universities, organizations, embassies and businesses around the world.  Craig regularly appears in regional television, magazines, newspapers an radio.  In 2016, Craig ran the length (68km) and SUP'd (150km) around Bahrain to raise awareness for the Royal Charity Organization.  Craig's certifications include:

  • MovNat Level 2 Trainer
  • Australian Strength Conditioning Association Level 1
  • New Zealand College of Fitness Personal Trainer/ Gym Trainer
  • AFFA Personal Trainer 
  • TRX Suspension Trainer 
  • RKC Kettlebell Instructor 
  • IKFF Level 2 Kettlebell Teacher 
  • Steve Maxwell KB Level 2 instructor, Mobility Conditioning 
  • SOS Advanced Survival: NZ 
  • Red Cross/ HSE First Aid 
  • Wilderness First Aid (AHSI)
  • Brazilian Ju-Jitsu Blue Belt