1. Are the Junior Survival Camps dangerous?  Safety is our top priority, and Tribal has an excellent reputation in that regard and we plan on keeping it that way.  We will maintain at least one survival instructor for every five students, all of which are AHSI Wilderness 1st Aid Certified with over 40 years of combined outdoor experience.  We do require parent waiver forms for the camps, however, we ensure you that we have policies in place to mitigate every conceivable risk.  Your children will be in great hands!
  2. Does my child need to meet any criteria for the Junior Survival Camps?  Yes, your child will need to be able to swim 200 meters unassisted, walk two kilometers with ease, pack their own survival bag, and be able to listen well and follow instructions.
  3. Are the Junior Survival Camps only for boys?  No!  We actively encourage girls to join as they are often great survivalists.  They will, however, likely be in the minority so they should be able to put up with smelly boys.  If girls do attend, at least one female instructor will be included on the staff.
  4. Can I call my child during an overnight Junior Survival Camps?  No.  The staff will send twice daily updates to all the parents via WhatsApp (morning and evening) with pictures of all activities and a safety update.  In the event of emergency situations at home, the parents will be able to reach the staff via mobile phone at any time during the camp.  We ask that parents respect their child's opportunity to grow and learn new skills.  If your child is unable to be without their parents for two nights then this camp is not suitable for them.
  5. What safety procedures are in place for the Junior Survival Camps?  All instructors are experienced in the outdoors with AHSI Wilderness 1st Aid Certifications.  Additionally, Tribal has conducted a thorough background check on all employees.  Our camps are planned months in advance and a thorough risk-reduction and incident action plan is made explicit and taught to each instructor.  Lastly, our safety expectations and procedures are clearly explained throughout the camp to our students, and poor behavior that violates these expectations will not be tolerated.