I am committed to improving the health and fitness of 1 million people via virtual coaching.  By joining our Global Tribe you will obtain the tools to look great, feel amazing and move with grace.  The programming is designed to enable your whole family to participate in, even the kids and grandparents!  I've deleted the term 'exercise' and turned it into movement.  Most importantly, all of this is free.  It does not cost you a cent.  You will however require the following skills:  A POSITIVE MINDSET, WORKS HARD, OPEN-MINDED, and SUPPORTS OTHERS.


Step 1 - You will rediscover efficient and safe movement.  Learn how squat, lift, push, pull, balance, jump and roll for life!

Step 2 - Join our Global Tribe Team programming.  This requires a commitment of 5 sessions per week.

Food & Living

Step 1 - Take on the 20-day Tribal Lifestyle Challenge and hit 80% or more.

Step 2 - Follow our awesome recipes and monthly challenges


Weekly Programming

Monday - Strength & Skill (S+S)  Strength-based conditioning.  This is not bodybuilding for looks, this is real strength for the real world that we live in.  It is safe and highly effective for kids and adults to train together.

Tuesday - Survival (SRV)  Sometimes the world throws us a situation where we need to demonstrate physical and mental endurance.  It is important that you are ready to act under pressure.  These endurance-type sessions are dynamic, fun and functional.

Wednesday -  Rest

Thursday - Sprints (S)  Awaken many thousands of years of evolution and rediscover the ability to run gracefully.  The kids absolutely love these running race sessions! 

Friday - Kettlebell Club (KBC) - Kettlebells are a great tool to create hardened warriors.  Learn how to do the basics REALLY well:  swing, clean, press, get-up and squat.  This session is strength-endurance focused.

Saturday - Family Hike (FH)  Get the family out into nature and make your own adventures!

Sunday - Rest