We offer one-on-one private training tailored to your schedule and your goals.  Private training is for the dedicated individual who is looking for long-term improvement. Each Tribal Fitness coach is limited to training a maximum of five individuals, providing you with the best boutique service in the region.

Your Tribal Fitness private training journey begins with an extensive movement screen, historical background, food diary, health questionnaire and goal-setting.  This provides us with a great baseline to get you started.  It continues with six-months of nutritional guidance, lifestyle consultation, and two weekly training sessions as well as weekly homework assignments to maximize your success.

Tribal Fitness is so confident in our proven methods and experienced coaches that every individual in our private training program receives a money-back guarantee.  If you do not achieve your pre-arranged goal after performing everything that was asked of you by our coaches, then we don't deserve your money and will return it to you promptly!  Contact us today to learn more and schedule your initial consultation with one of our coaches.

Pricing:  Private Training

Your only commitment to try our PT service is the initial 90-minute session that includes the movement screening, historical background, food diary, conditioning test and goal-setting at 40 BD.  Options to continue your PT journey are explained at the end of your initial session.