Tribal Fitness wants to provide every resource we can to help you succeed, and that is why this  page exists.  The videos, articles, links, podcasts, recipes and downloads on this page are your new library to a healthier, happier life.  Every item on here has been reviewed, tested, and endorsed as compatible with the Tribal philosophy.  Learn, grow, enjoy!

Tribal Fitness Manuals

Check out our Tribal Fitness Manuals giving you a range of perspectives and professional insights in to the world of health and fitness.

Member's Movement Manual

Junior Fitness Parent Manual


The adult manual will enable you to move, feel and look great! The Junior manual is ideal for school programs, kids clubs or after-school programs.

Adult Programming

Junior Programming


Struggling to nail that perfect form on a new Tribal movement?  Check out our YouTube channel for movement videos:

Recommended Nutrition Books

At Tribal Fitness we believe that great nutrition is the foundation for health and we encourage all our members to learn as much as possible about healthy nutrition generally, as well as nutrition specific to their body.  We support natural eating (fresh fruits, meats and vegetables) with as little processed and preservative filled food as possible, but we also believe that nutrition is a very individual-specific matter and our members must learn how their body responds to food.  Some nutrition books we recommend include  (click on the book links to learn more, or ask to borrow one from our Tribal library):

Recommended Health and Fitness Books

To expand your knowledge of the human body and how to properly move and live for great health, we recommend the following book (click on the book link to learn more, or ask to borrow from our Tribal library):

Recommended Healthy Living, Fitness and Nutrition Websites