Schools seem to be taking on more responsibility for a kid's life than ever before.  With the rapid rise in obesity and preventable disease, a large  responsibility is placed on the student's health and fitness.  Sport provides some advancement but it does not serve the masses.  It's time that we took smart action to change the plight of corrupt health.

Our vision is to ensure that every child leaves your school in true health.  We provide an opportunity for schools to use our world-class programming, education, coaching and resources for the benefit of their students.  The tools of natural movement, food and living will enable you to scale health across your school.  We make fitness fun for every student and inspire them to take responsibility of their own potential.

3 Steps to become an Affiliate..

Step 1 - Certification Weekend (Choose your individuals to coach our sessions)

Our Tribal Fitness Founder himself, Craig Heslop, will travel to your school, anywhere in the world.  He will run a 3-day course to bring your chosen 'Tribal Coaches' (Teacher / Staff / Parent) up to speed. There are some minimum requirements when selecting your people.  The certification covers our foundation movements, programming, communication, coaching, building rapport with parents and business management.  Prior to the this certification, we also provide support on purchasing / making equipment for your school that will not break the bank!

Step 2 - Term Programming & Coaching Support

We provide the tools to improve the strength, endurance and mobility of every child.  Our programming is simple but very effective.  We provide a huge library of movements and learning resources.  We have a proven track record and have helped thousands of students from age 6 - 16 to age to achieve true health.  We continue to support your coaches so they represent us well but more importantly, they positively help each child.

Step 3 - Annual Re-visit

Craig re-visits the school every year to observe sessions, provide further education and develop the coaches.  We have high expectations on our schools and the coaches to provide the best level of service to our students.

Benefits for the School

»  Provide world-class coaching for your students and earn a great reputation in the community.

»  Earn an excellent income to re-invest into your school (optional by charging parents).

»  Feel at ease that you are providing a safe and effective service for all students regardless of ability.

»  Positively affect the students who do not like the PE culture.