Flat whites, maids, air-conditioning and delivery food.  These are all modern-day luxuries that we confuse with necessities.  I’m making a public announcement that abusing all these luxuries is making you mentally soft.  Take delivery food for example.  It was only a few generations ago that we would have hunted, cleaned, butchered and cooked our own protein.  Today we just pick up the phone whilst sitting on the sofa and call fat-line to order our bucket of hormone-induced chicken.  It’s an easy life but that doesn’t make it a good one.

I’m pointing the finger at a soft mindset because this leads to a soft body.  Once we can get our head around the root cause of any physical problem, we can move closer to our true health.  So, how can we progress and break from the shackles of softness?  Here are my 3 personal steps to achieving physical and mental strength.

Step 1:  Start with the end in mind.

I’m currently reading ‘The 7 habits of highly successful people’ for the millionth time.  Covey talks about creating things twice.  One creation is the blueprint in your mind.  The second creation is the real or the physical.  It’s commonplace to improve efficiency in our hectic world.  How can we do things faster?  What we often don’t consider is where we are going.  How do we want to look, how do we want to be perceived or what kind of lifestyle we will paint for ourselves?  If we don’t have a conscious compass, we can end up going anywhere fast!  In the world of heath, where do you want to be?  How do you want to feel and how do you want to move?  Build your compass before your set out on your journey.  Write about your destination now so you know where to go.

Step 2:  Predict your excuses and provide solutions.

The most common excuse for a fitness stumble is a lack of time.  This, in my opinion is a load of bull shit.  Make the space every day.  Most people watch over 10 hours of mind-eroding TV each week.  I hear many people saying, “I watch TV to relax”.  The reason these people are so lethargic in the first place is because their fat arse is engraved in the sofa.  Use this TV time to move closer to your end goal.  Write down all those potential reasons you may fail and provide several solutions.

Step 3:  Burn your boat.

Robin Sharma states “great achievements often appear when our backs are up against the wall”. Burn your boat refers to a command many military leaders have spoken to their troops over the years.  On arrival to an enemy territory, the burning of their own boats meant there was no way out. They conquered or they died.  If you adopt this mindset then nothing is going to stop you on your quest for success.  Commit in full.  Failure may not be death but it could be a preventable disease or being a poor excuse of a parent.  Failure to some is a bigger motivator than success.  I recall one of our past members, Mr Paul Bonner burning his boat.  On a lifestyle challenge, Paul went for several weeks without drinking any alcohol even though he enjoys a drink now and then.  When I asked him how he found the experience he remarked that it was easy because he had made the prior commitment to himself to succeed.

Take a few moments of time to record these three steps and you will go a long to to achieving your potential.  It's simple, but it's not easy!