One of our guiding principles, Feabhas (improvement) tells us never to be content with how we did things yesterday.  We must continue to progress towards excellence.  As always, our Members’ feedback is most respected and appreciated.  Our People make Tribal Fitness what it is.  Please see the improvements we’ve planned so far:


Adult Group Fitness

  • Programming. We’ve made it more effective so you use your time most efficiently.
  • New games and burners.  This will keep our long term Members smiling and on their toes!
  • Train Heroic Software.  This will be free to all our current Members.  It will enable you to accurately track your numbers (weights and times) so you can quantify your gains.  There is even an easy-to-use ap so you can track easily and conveniently on your phone.  More details to come soon.
  • 8-Week testing.  We will now include a standardized testing week where we can measure your strength, endurance and mobility.  This clear feedback will highlight your strengths and weaknesses.  See the new progression levels here.
  • Saturday’s Wilderness Sessions at The Jungle.  Our 8.30am session brings back the uncertainty of our past Mammoth sessions.  You will arrive to a total unknown quantity which reflects the real world we live in today.  All we can promise is a lot of sweat, team work and fun!


Junior After-School Program

  • Saturday Combative.  This will include elements of self-defense to keep your children safe.  Sessions will include anti-bullying, self defense and ring work (boxing and grappling).  Due to the awesome and peaceful lifestyle we lead in Bahrain, our children can be mislead that the rest of the world is crime free.  Unfortunately it is not.  We will teach street smarts so they are better equipped to safely meet the demands of traveling, school or university.
  • Monthly Lifestyle Challenges.  We have gone old school and brought back the paper fridge calendars.  This will enable the kids to monitor their natural food and living choices.  TF is a lot more than exercise.  We work to educate and inspire our students to true health.
  • Programming.  Modern kids are missing out a wide range of fundamental skills today.  We are improving our programming to ensure that your child’s posture, climbing or throwing/catching are up to speed.