It doesn’t matter if you are starting out on a fitness journey or becoming disillusioned from a new year’s resolution, your ego provides the blinkers to reality that will stop you achieving your true potential.  An ego can raise its evil head in many ways.  We will discuss the Big 3 - ‘Excitable’, ‘Know-it-All’ and ‘Embarrassment’.  At the front door of the Jungle, we offer our rules (positive, supportive, hard working, fun) but this could all be summarized in ‘leave your ego at the door’.  By addressing the Big 3, I hope to open your mind to what might be holding you back.


I was recently tortured by accompanying my son to the movie, Trolls (it maxed over $338.1 million??).  These colorful, hippy-like creatures pretty much enjoy (drug fueled) parties each night with little purpose in life.  There is however, one Troll who has his shit together, Branch.  He is prepared for the realities of life and the fact that a bunch Begans want to eat them.  Long story-short, the Trolls get raided and nearly eaten by the Begans.  Branch is the one who can initiate a rescue mission.  The point of this rant is that excitability clouds judgment and long-term vision.  When the stock market races up, it’s only a matter of time before it drops down.  Be prepared like Branch and enjoy the process of life but professionalism rules over passion.  It lasts longer too.



If I had a dollar for every time a fat corporate guy has given me health or fitness advice.  It takes everything in me not to slap them in the face.  There is only one solution for these pig-headed types (usually men) and that is to bring them down with a physical or psychological humbling.  ‘Know-it-Alls’ have blinkers to the world around them.  They create a fantasy world that is void of any opportunity to learn more.  It’s their teddy bear.  To switch to the opposite side of the spectrum, we look for the eternal student and I’ll use the Rolling Stones as an example.  Unknown to many, after every concert these guys spend hours watching the tapes of their performance and literally rip it to shreds.  Their purpose is to be better next time, every time.  This has been a key ingredient to their longterm success.  Always be hungry to learn something new and never content with your past success.  In the fitness world, knowledge is readily available.  We have even provided a list of free resources on the tribal website.  Knowledge is power!



50% of being a coach is persuading someone to do something that they are fearful of doing (but you know it will benefit them in the long run).  There are mental demons that we all face, ‘what will others think’, ‘you're too unfit’ or ‘you look terrible’.  This inner chatter is soul destroying and stops many people from ever starting.  The reality is that nobody really cares that much about what you are going through.  They will however, notice your physical change when you conquer those demons.  


A good friend, Jo Bonner (sorry Jo) went through a similar battle.  After years of ‘encouragement’ from her hubby and myself, Jo finally caved in to trying Tribal Fitness.  She had preconceived ideas and was fearful of the unknown but after her first session she was hooked.  A positive beast was created in her that crushed those demons.  She transformed her own health and those around her.  She now has one of the healthiest families I know.  Jo has even gone on to start her own company ‘Live a Delicious Life’ and has changed the lives of many others.  Be like Jo!


If you are starting or continuing a health journey, your ego will be the biggest hurdle.  It can be almost impossible to honestly self reflect.  Transparent friends seem a very rare breed today too.  If you are prepared to wipe the slate clean, abandon the demons and continuously self-reflect, you have a great chance of becoming the best version of your self.  As they say in XFiles, the truth is out there!