Choosing a fitness facility can be a daunting process. Developing tangible and realistic health and fitness goals can be a huge step on their own. Sometimes though, the hardest thing to do is find a fitness facility that suits you, and can help you stay disciplined and realise your goals long into the future.

Here are three basic questions you can ask when choosing your Fitness Facility that will help you do just that, and how at Tribal Fitness we deliver on these points:


Cost – or more to the point ‘value for money’ should be right up the top of the list when considering a potential fitness facility. You should consider their price point and reasoning behind it. The cheaper option is, 9/10 times, not the better option when it comes to your wellbeing. A few questions you can ask when checking out your potential facility in regard to pricing are:

  • Who are their trainers, what are their qualifications and experiences?
  • What are their goals and philosophies in regard to Health and Fitness?
  • What programming do they offer and what is the ‘science’ behind it?

Here at Tribal Fitness:

Tribal Fitness’ pricing is based on providing high quality trainers (with diverse backgrounds for knowledge-sharing), coined with Group Training and Private Training services that are developed through tried and tested programming. We deliver on a price-point that is competitive and focused on benefiting our members with tangible results, through a friendly, supportive and challenging environment month on month.

Our philosophy is to guide our community to True Health, through natural movement, food and living – this is a holistic, sustainable approach that offers our members results that will last. Anyone can loose weight in 3 weeks by not eating, and working out like Mike Tyson in his hay-day – but ask yourself, is this sustainable to your lifestyle?

Our Group Fitness Sessions are complimentary to each other, and are programmed specifically to develop your overall health and fitness through scientific basis. Our sessions work on building strength through compound movements such as lifting, pressing, squatting and crawling (Strength and Skill, S&S), developing muscular-endurance (Kettlebell Club, KBC), enhancing mental ‘grit’ and a can-do attitude (Survival, SRV), repairing and developing joints and mechanical mobility (Stability and Natural Movement, SNM) and ensuring you are not out of your comfort zone if it ever comes to defending yourself outside of the gym (Combative, CMB).  Our sessions are purposeful, fun and dynamic and so should your training be! 


It’s all very well having all the bells and whistles, but what are the results of the fitness facility, and what do their current members have to say about it?

Here at Tribal Fitness: 

Tribal Fitness’ eldest member is 75 years old and our youngest is 5. Our trainers have the experience and ability to deal with a wide range of age groups, capabilities, deficiencies and goals. Our members are diverse by culture, ability and age, and are bound by some basic common attributes being, open-minded, supportive, hard-working and positive.

With an ever-growing member base Tribal Fitness continues on our mission ‘‘to guide 1 million people to their True Health”.

Lets leave the rest to the testimonials:

“I started at Tribal at 150Kg. Twelve months later and I am currently at 120Kg. The weight continues to come off, but more importantly, I have adopted a lifestyle that has enabled me to perform better at work, enjoy my time with my family, and get so much more out of life” - Stephen Harrison-Mirfield. COO

"Smart training that can be sustained and built upon. I love It. “ - Dr. Bowzaylo, Chiropractor/Owner, In-Touch Clinic

“I love how Tribal Fitness INSPIRES us to be better, so it doesn't feel like the dreaded hour at the gym….” – Sara Hassan, Mum of three 

“I joined Tribal Fitness after experiencing an injury to my back. Coupled with the extra weight I was carrying I was not in a good state. Through professional guidance, education and encouragement I healed and learnt that there was a lot more to fitness than just lifting a heavy weight….” – Chris Wharton-Hood, Financial Manager


 This can be somewhat subjective based on the context, but its not hard to find a range of health and fitness center's who can give you all the 'solutions', packaged and priced with the credit-card machine handy, and have never tried it once in their life.

It is important to know that the people behind the show are truly selling you something that they believe in, something they have achieved or are currently achieving; and something that really works.

  • Nothing at Tribal Fitness is a fad. You will not find a piece of equipment here that is not multi-use. Our movements are natural, and are based around contextual-practical fitness.
  • You will find no mirrors in Tribal Fitness. We are more about how you feel than how you look!
  • Our methods and programming are sustainable and adaptable for a well-balanced, healthy-lifestyle long into the future. There are no 2-week weight loss programmes here!
  • Our Coaches attend Tribal Fitness classes; experiencing the poison they dish-out, engaging with members, and they live true to Tribal philosophies through varied training programmes.
  • Tribal offers no annual-membership programmes. We want to earn our money, develop your commitment, help maintain your discipline, and provide you with a fun, dynamic and exciting journey towards True Health.

Hopefully this will help you discover the right fitness facility for you. If you are interested in hearing more of the Tribal Fitness Story check out our website at:

We hope you make the right decision when considering your health and fitness provider and we look forward to welcoming you to the Tribe soon!