We all want our health, and the health of our families to be a top priority.  But then reality and the daily grind inevitability gets in the way.  Countless hours in the workplace, a laundry list of chores and tasks waiting for us at home, and the comfortable couch and television always calling for us when the work is done.  Sure, we all want health and fitness, but how can we have it with everything else we have to handle on a daily basis?

The answer is simple:  get-organized.  How can you expect to truly prioritize your life if you haven’t organized your life?  Organizing all your daily, weekly and monthly tasks, as well as allotting dedicated time for relaxation, health and fitness can help you have it all.  Just imagine how nice it would be waking up every morning knowing exactly what you had to accomplish for that day, and that you realistically could complete everything and still make time for your health – be it a 30 minute walk at lunch, or a great group session at Tribal Fitness.

There are a million techniques to organize our daily lives, but we would like to recommend the “Bullet Journal” technique, named after the various bullet points utilized to organize tasks, notes and events.  It’s free, it’s simple, and anyone can quickly organize their daily, weekly and monthly tasks so they start every day focused and prepared to accomplish their true priorities.  Take three minutes to learn the “Bullet Journal” technique with the video below, and get your life organized today as the first step towards prioritizing your health.