It is 1 February 2016, time to start the White Band Challenge as one Tribe!  At Tribal Fitness, we all know that it doesn’t matter how many times you come down to the Jungle, it doesn’t matter how much you sweat during the sessions, if you are not taking care of your basic health requirements it is all for naught.  And so we begin the 2016 White Band Challenge, 40 days of:

  • Eating a healthy breakfast
  • Walking 30 minutes a day
  • Being in bed by 9:30 PM (8:30 for Juniors)

The specific details for each item (no, Frosties do not count as a healthy breakfast) can be found in your Tribal Fitness Diary.  Record your daily progress in your Diary (the White Band Challenge tracker can be found on page 12) and remember, you only need to complete the daily requirements for 32 days out of the total 40 day challenge to earn the coveted White Band.  These three items are basic and sustainable with simple modifications to your daily lifestyle, but listen to your body and watch the amazing transformation take place just by addressing your basic health requirements - natural food, movement and living.

All the coaches will be taking on the challenge with you, we will progress towards our natural health as a Tribe.  Once you’ve completed the White Band Challenge in March, bring your White Band Challenge tracker in your Diary to a Tribal Coach and they will award you the White Band that you have earned.  The White Band is great, but your new-found health is what we are really after.  Let’s all get started today.