Many people prepare for fitness training with some form of warmup and light stretching, it is a custom, a habit that has been drilled into our brains and most of us breeze through it with no particular goal in mind other than to get it over with so we can begin the “real” training.

Wrong.  That is all wrong.

Mobility work, which is given the first 15 dedicated minutes of every session at Tribal Fitness, is a health, wellness and fitness gold mine that is very low-risk in terms of injury, and very high-reward in terms of increased health, wellness, durability, agility and fitness.  We all set personal goals for our health and fitness, be it conquering that first climb up, or being able to walk just a bit further, or lifting that heavier kettlebell off the floor.  The same should hold true for our mobility work, we all should set mobility goals and measure our progress.  This is essential to gaining your true health.

In the modern world we are constantly sitting.  We wake up and sit at the breakfast table, sit in the car to commute to work, sit at a computer all day before sitting in a car again to drive home, and often times we get home and sit on a couch for much of the evening.  All this sitting is eroding our natural mobility.  In fact, several doctors and scholars have argued that the invention of the chair has ruined our natural mobility and that human mobility is significantly advanced in cultures that do not frequently utilize chairs (think of various indigenous communities from across the globe).

To combat this eroded mobility, you need work, mobility work.  For starters, focus on your ankles, hips and shoulders utilizing the various mobility techniques taught at Tribal Fitness.  Measure your current mobility level in those three areas, if you are unsure of how to do this on your own, ask a coach.  We love helping to increase our Tribe’s mobility.  Mentally focus on working to improve that mobility a few times each week and check progress towards your mobility goals weekly.  Before long you’ll be feeling great, moving better, recovering faster from training sessions, and finding yourself as durable as a teenager again.  You might even start getting rid of some chairs.

If you want to take your mobility to the next level, we recommend checking out Dr. Kelly Starrett’s videos on YouTube and speaking with the coaches at Tribal about your mobility goals.

And remember:  it is called mobility “work” for a reason.  Don’t just breeze through it.