There is a flawed conception in society that ‘the gym’ is the answer to peoples’ weight problems.  The truth is:  It’s not.  Whilst a gym may help people with their weight loss goal, it is not addressing the root cause:  a person’s lifestyle.  Let’s discuss how we can burn lard without the need for a gym.

At Tribal Fitness we promote the principles of natural movement, food and living.  The first principle of movement is ‘walkabout’.  Taken from our native Australian friends, ‘walkabout’ highlights the need for daily intermittent strolling.  Whilst Australian Aboriginals may have covered over 16km per day on average, that might be a little too far for us today.  The average person in the modern world falls incredibly short of any distance that promotes optimal health.  I’ve seen average figures around the 4km range but I do not believe this.  Slow aerobic activity like walking is considered the most efficient method of metabolizing fat as a fuel source.

There are many other benefits of daily walking as well.   Optimizing vitamin D in the body is important as most of us are deficient and that’s having a big impact on our bones and brains.  Improving joint mobility and continuous blood flow to the body’s tissues also promotes graceful aging.  My suggestion for walkabout would be to include short distance walks throughout the day.  A fifteen minute walk in the morning and evening would be great place to start.  Could you take the kids for a long walk on the weekend for an ice cream?

‘Live by the light’ is our next fat fighting friend found in natural living.  It simply involves falling in line with a natural circadian rhythm.  Unless you are a badger, beaver or honey-badger, you should be active in the day and inactive at night (also known as sleep).  My chickens are diurnal and go to bed at around 7pm only to wake at 5am without an alarm clock.  I do have concerns that humans are turning into nocturnal vampires as we seem to be avoiding the daylight and getting active at night.

Around the hours of 10pm-2am, we secrete growth hormone (GH) from the pituitary gland which is situated at the base of the brain.  GH enables us to build muscle, recover and metabolize fat.  This is like popping down to the local chemist at night and getting a dose of a super drug which is free.  There is one catch though, you must be sound asleep!  Children and chimps know this but I think adult humans have forgotten it!  ‘Live by the light’ falls in line with ‘walkabout’ as we move outdoors in the day and earn the right to sleep at night.  (Dead people don’t sleep well at night because they don’t move in the day).

‘Master of technology’ is another principle found in natural living.  Technology makes our life easier but not necessarily better.  Ask yourself these five questions:  Have you checked your emails today?  Have you watched TV today?  Have you checked Facebook today?  Have you driven today?  Have you sat at a computer?  If you answered yes to most of these then you have probably spent a lot of time on your rump.  Could you check your emails or Facebook every other day?  (Shock-horror).  It is simply about being mindful of our actions and then being disciplined to follow the schedule.

If you spend an hour each day at the gym- well done.  Unfortunately, seven hours out of one hundred and sixty-eight is only 4% of your total week.  What do you do for the remaining 96% of your time?  Surely this is more important then labouring at the gym.