As the sun rises on Friday 6 May, Craig Heslop of Tribal Fitness and Hussain Bader of Paddle Sport Marine Supplies will begin their 150 Km paddle board journey to circumnavigate Bahrain.  Always looking for a challenge, the idea was conceived as a final farewell for Mr. Heslop before he departs Bahrain, and who better to undertake such a challenge alongside than Hussain Bader, the owner of Paddle Sport Marine Supplies and a man well-versed in the challenges of paddling around Bahrain.

The paddle board challenge will take 10 days, starting and finishing at Al Dar Island, although wind and sea conditions could extend the trip by one day if uncooperative.  The duo have accepted this challenge in an effort to raise awareness of the great efforts of the Royal Charity Organization, as well as to promote an active and healthy lifestyle here in Bahrain.  Heslop recently ran the length of Bahrain, 68 Km North-South, in support of the same cause.

The adventurers will be carrying all of their own equipment along on their journey, much of it provided by Bader’s Paddle Sport Marine Supplies and official challenge sponsor, RCSI Bahrain.  The expedition will be resupplied with food and water each night by the challenge’s other official sponsors, Al Osra.

Scheduling the paddle board challenge proved to be quite the challenge in its own right.  Rough winter seas are not conducive to a 150 Km paddle board quest, but neither is the summer heat.  The team decided on an early May launch and have not looked back since.  Preparations for the journey have included increasingly lengthy paddle board trips at various points around Bahrain, battling the last rogue waves of winter.  At several times during preparation trips, Heslop and Bader, separated by only a few meters, lost sight of one another due to several meter high wave crests, making the training all the more difficult.  With the waves calming and the temperature rising, the team hopes to have found the perfect window for a successful journey.

Overall, the adventurers are looking forward to a fun and challenging experience, but more importantly they hope to highlight the great efforts of the Royal Charity Organization and all the initiatives they undertake in Bahrain, as well as encourage everyone living in Bahrain to get off the couch, get outside, and enjoy the beautiful island they are fortunate enough to call home.

Craig Heslop and Hussain Bader are the owners of Tribal Fitness and Paddle Sport Marine Supplies respectively, and are strong advocates for an active outdoor lifestyle here in Bahrain.  Track their journey’s progress live on Instagram starting on 6 May:  @paddlesport_marine and @tribal_fitness_bahrain.  Visit their websites at and, and don’t forget to check out Tribal Fitness’ new second location opening in May at the Bahrain Financial Harbour.