A combination of the weak South African rand and amazing family hospitality has resulted in the best holiday of food, fun and adventure.  While I only have myself to blame, it’s fair to say that I have ballooned out over the summer.  The majority of food consumed has been great, but to be honest I haven’t had a ‘dry day’ for a very long time.  My movement vocabulary has also been severely reduced and traveling across four continents has resulted in A LOT of sitting.  So, for the first time in my life, I have the challenge of ‘un-zipping the fat suit’.  Most mammals, myself included, enjoy an annual period of fattening up but the difference here is that my body feels immobile, old injuries have made a return and my mind is fuzzy.  I cannot believe that some people go through their whole life feeling this way!

Utilizing the philosophies of natural movement, food and living, I’ll share my game plan moving forward to rediscover my true health:

Movement - 15 hours or 9% of the week

Gain a base of fitness with 3 Tribal sessions per week while enjoying frequent nature time with the family. Maintain TF black band level and gain a purple belt in BJJ.


Focus on the good.  Reject the toxic.

Bulk of shopping list:  Sweet potato, broccoli, spinach, bone broth, wild salmon, avocado, chicken/rabbit, range of beef cuts, organ meats, brazil & macadamia nuts.

Drink: water, herbal teas and coffee with coconut oil

Frequency: 2-3 meals per day and a random weekly fast of 12-24 hours

Focus on good quality produce and nutritionally-dense foods.  Weekly fast enables the gut to rest and immune system to strengthen.  Mentally, fasting also helps to appreciate my food.  Poor food choices lead to inflammation and greater risk of preventable disease later in life.


Move slowly, sleep fast

‘Live-by-the-light’:  enjoy at least 30 minutes of direct sun each day and then climb into bed shortly after sunset.

‘Walkabout’:  Take a ‘purposeless’ walk to start and end each day.

‘Strong Tribe’:  Finding a quality bunch of guys to spend time with.  I am always on the hunt for mentors who I can serve and in-turn learn from myself.

Maintaining optimal vitamin D levels will insure that the immune system is strong, the brain is sharp and those extra pounds of fat come off easily.  Walking each day improves joint mobility and digestion while reducing stress.

Ultimately my goal is to maintain practical fitness until the day I die.  Most research would suggest that the risk of modern-day disease can be minimized through one’s own habits.  I will continue to challenge my mind and body through activities like BJJ but not to the detriment of my health.  Health is my number one priority, even more so than family.  This may sound very selfish but I am no good to anyone if I’m sick, depressed or in chronic pain.  Unzipping the fat suit is a lot more than simple vanity.  It enables me to serve and inspire my family and friends.

Craig Heslop, Founder of Tribal Fitness